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Nashville Commercial General Contractors

West End Construction provides comprehensive commercial construction, design-build and management services in Nashville, TN with a commitment to value and transparency. We employ a collaborative approach in all client relationships, with a keen focus on bringing their vision to reality: on a budget and on time.


One of the most important stages of any project is preconstruction. If preconstruction isn't done properly it will affect the ultimate success of any project. West End expertly manages the following in order to provide great detail, accurate, and complete data up front, allowing our client to make the best informed decision making, close cost control, and schedule adherence.

Accurate Budgeting

Constructibility Reviews

Long Lead item identification and procurement

Value Engineering analysis

Life cycle cost analysis

Nashville General Contractors 

West End offers (GC) General contracting services provided through typical design-bid-build, competitive bidding and negotiated contract. Our long standing relationships with our subs provides us with the competitive edge when bidding or negotiating construction projects, while sharpening our perspective on true cost of building projects.

Nashville Design-Build

Design-Build services provide clients with a single source for bringing design and construction together. At West End Construction, our Design-Build services in Nashville, TN provide owners a single source for design and construction services, leading to faster, higher quality, more cost-effective results. This streamlined approach means greater efficiency, cooperation instead of conflict, and better return on time and investment. Working in concert, the design and construction teams develop options, solve problems, and work through changes in a real-time environment to create something that is uniquely yours. All you have to do is enjoy the results!

Commercial Construction Management

As projects are getting more complex, so do the variables and degree of risk that must be negotiated by the owner and contractor alike. For our project owners, West End's Years of experience, qualifications, and early involvement become critical predictors of success. 

Our CM agency and CM at risk leads to: 

  • Increased team dynamic
  • Tighter Coordination
  • Faster Project delivery
  • Avoiding major delays, changes, and disputes
  • Greater flexibility
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price

West End General & Commercial Contractors Look Forward to Meeting All Your Needs